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Digging Deeper Home

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Welcome to Digging Deeper!


The purpose of Digging Deeper is to show that the 21st Century classroom doesn’t have to cost much to make it engaging and successful. Most of what you need in your teacher tool kit is on the Internet, already on your computer, or an inexpensive software program. The “Web Literacy” course covered the basics of teaching students and ourselves to be more aware of how the Web works, how content on the Web is manipulated, and how to be a smart researcher. Now we need to “dig deeper” into the concept of the Web in our classrooms and how it can be our partner in successfully creating student producers of multimedia learning content. Now that we have the tools to help our students navigate the Web and not be manipulated easily by it, how do we teach them to create “deep” content to give back to the Web?


We as teachers always feel the kids “know everything” about technology. However, that is untrue. Kids know the social and entertainment aspects of technology, but not how to be a productive contributing part of the global digital community. Now as educators it is our job not to teach them all the technical, but to guide them to be critical, collaborative thinkers using the Web as the medium. We must develop their understanding of the social versus the professional Web. We must then help them construct meaning through digital projects that can be shared and reviewed by their peers. Through this process we create a never ending learning cycle that enables lifelong learning rather then terminating the learning process once a grade is on a paper.


We also have a responsibility to be aware of the ethics of being a digital citizen. Communicating responsible safe use of the tools available on the Internet and respecting the rights of other producers of content on the Web are just as important as the creation and publication processes available to 21st century students. With great rights come great responsibilities and as such, we will explore safe guidelines for the tools used here and copyright.


So come learn how to help your students create video projects, write and produce their own multi-media materials, and bring it all together in a safe, easily managed online environment that allows their collaborative learning to push beyond the paper test and the walls of your classroom.


Come “dig deeper” into what it means to be a 21st Century teacher.




Organization of Wiki


The content of this wiki is organized into "toolkits" you can use independently or in conjuction if you choose to replicate the whole program. Go the side bar to navigate through the toolkit topics.


Research - first toolkit and the basis for moving to any other tpoic.

Video Production - Newsmaker, FlipCams, Moviemaker

Interactive PowerPoint - Using the tools in Powerpoint to create portfolios and interactive learning materials.

Collaborative Classroom Wikis - Harnessing the power of the wiki environment to create an effective online collaborative space for the classroom.

Digital Citzenship - Understand the laws and guidelines that affect educational use of these tools, also copyright in education.


We have two themes to choose from for our projects:


Oil Spill - Where are we now?

Mississippi River Flooding


We chose topics that are current and affect our region on many levels.


Proceed to the Research link to begin gathering data to develop your projects. 

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